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How to Lessen the Sting of Criticism

September 25, 2014Fragile Beginnings Recently, a client of mine told me he was a little embarrassed about taking criticism personally. He felt that, at his level in the organization, he should have tougher skin, so to speak. I asked him, “So, do you think you’re unusual for taking criticism personally?” I assured him that every client I’ve
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This Is Temporary

September 4, 2014It has been one year since we lost Christy. And while it’s a terrible anniversary, this thought gives me some comfort: though she lived a short life, she lived. She touched more lives, had more experiences, grew more, laughed, and lit up the world more than many people do with many, many more years than
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How I Tricked my Brain to Play Cello

April 15, 2014In February, I took up learning to play the cello. At the same time, I was writing my book: How to Finally Lose that Weight: Achieve Any Goal by Avoiding These Three Mistakes I applied the principles I outline in my book and am now addicted to playing the cello. Though music has been a
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Coaching For Curiosity

March 2, 2014The days of highly compartmentalized jobs are over. Companies-leaner than ever and facing tough competition from every part of the world-know they have to optimize the performance from every employee. They can no longer afford to expect a small percentage of “high potential” employees to carry the burden of exceeding market expectations. It simply won’t
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Recipe For Brilliance

February 21, 2014Are you in the zone? You know..that place where you feel energized. Where you like going to work, where you feel a sense of fulfillment, satisfaction, and gratitude. If you’re not living there, how far away are you? Around the block? Next County? Neighboring planet? For managers, how would your employees answer? When we ask
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