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Helping Leaders Everywhere
Go From Burned Out to Brilliant

We’re on a mission to help leaders at all levels reach their fullest potential. We help people with demanding jobs be more effective and feel less stress in all areas of their lives. To us, nothing is more rewarding than helping our clients achieve their personal and professional goals.
Denise Renée Green, founder of Brilliance Inc.

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As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being.”  ~ Carl Jung

Professional. Passionate. Pragmatic.

We are experts at helping busy, successful people change habits for good. Our coaching and training will give you the insights and tools you need to step into your potential and thrive emotionally, physically, and vocationally. We provide coaching and training in the following key areas:

Brain-Safe Leadership

Brilliance Inc is dedicated to helping you create what we call a brain-safe culture. It’s an environment where people do their best thinking, innovation is rampant, collaboration is natural, communication is open and honest. In these environments, stress is low and engagement is high.

Communication and Influence

Do you struggle with how to provide feedback to your directs, peers, or boss? Do you wish you knew how to better influence your boss, peers, or direct reports? Our coaching will provide you with simple techniques to communicate in ways that build trust and inspire action in others.

Time Management

Does your work keep piling up with no reprieve in sight? Do you often describe your schedule as “crazy” or “out of control”? Do you put your own self care last? We offer practical time management and organizational techniques to help you regain control over your schedule and focus on what matters most.

Total Wellness

Do you suffer from the common symptoms of office burnout, such as poor sleep, low energy, impatience, and stress? We help busy people find the time and motivation to take care of themselves so they function more effectively at work and home. You’ll learn how to prioritize and take small steps that add up to sustainable new habits that fit your life.

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Programs for Brilliance

Powerful solutions that ignite brilliant results:

Conversations for Brilliance

Conversations for Brilliance (CFB) is for leaders at any level who want to be better at influencing and motivating others to do great things. We’ll work on real issues (instead of role play) so clients get important work done while out of the office, and are better prepared to tackle tough issues when they return.

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Conversations for Brilliant Influence

Conversations for Brilliance Influence (CFBi) is for non-leadership employees who still have to get work done through others. The CFBi program is designed to help participants succeed by working with colleagues to complete projects, even when those colleagues may have competing priorities.

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Path To Brilliance

You have unlimited potential and Path to Brilliance (PTB) can help you step into it—avoiding common mistakes and productivity traps and teaching you new ways to change your behaviors to become more successful and satisfied.

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Boundaries for Brilliance: How to Say No with Grace, not Guilt

Boundaries for Brilliance (BFB) will help you feel less overwhelmed and more focused on the things that will make the biggest difference in your success and happiness and allow you to live healthier and be more productive.

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Denise’s talks have this rare combination of entertainment, engagement, and transformation. In her most recent talk about Influence, she created an environment where 200 introverted, analytical people who are suspicious of the word “influence” became true believers…connecting, laughing, telling stories, being vulnerable, and practicing new behaviors that will make them more influential. We always know that she will have the highest quality design and materials, and deliver with an ease and expertise that captures and keeps people’s attention, helping them step outside their comfort zone…and have a great time doing it.
Tiffany Short, HR Business Partner, Kaiser Permanente, Information Technology

Denise is an engaging and dynamic speaker who blends expertise and humor to build credibility and powerfully convey her message. If I need a speaker for a presentation or a course, she’s my first choice.
Risë Venditti, Sr. Learning Consultant, Advocate Health Care

Coaching For Brilliance

Whether one-on-one or in a group setting, our powerful and intimate coaching sessions provide an unmatched forum for growth:

One-on-One Leadership Coaching

Our one-on-one coaching services are designed for managers, directors, and corporate officers who want to create fast, sustainable, powerful change. Programs typically run for a minimum of six months.

Group Coaching

Group coaching is an amazingly effective way for companies to scale coaching experiences to high-potential managers. A common focus, experience or challenge (new managers, high potential leaders, project managers etc.) unites each group. Participants receive personalized laser coaching and engage in a supportive, motivating venue where each individual is inspired to act. Participants leave the program with greater self-awareness, deeper engagement to the company, greater effectiveness, and a network of colleagues they can rely upon long after the program ends.

Individual CoachingGroup Coaching