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As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being.”  ~ Carl Jung

Brilliance Inc. was founded by San Francisco Bay Area motivational speaker, executive coach, writer, and trainer, Denise Renée Green. The author of Work-Life Brilliance and other popular e-books on communications, stress reduction, and habit change. Prior to founding Brilliance Inc. Denise held senior positions with Oracle and Charles Schwab. Her clients have included PayPal, salesforce.com, Kaiser Permanente, and other leaders from the high-tech, financial services, healthcare, and consumer products sectors. How will Denise and her team transform your performance and well-being?

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Client Praise

“Denise was so valuable as my coach, that I decided to bring her in to help my team. After two workshops–How to say no with grace, not guilt and Break Stress Now–my team’s work-life balance index on the employee survey went up an unprecedented 26 points, from 60% to 86%. My team now has tools to help them feel less overwhelmed and more empowered.”
Karen Stoeffler, Sr. Director, Data Architecture
“Denise is amazing. I connected effortlessly with her, and throughout our coaching relationship, she has given me practical tools that were so easy to use! What I appreciate most about Denise as a coach is how she skillfully challenges my assumptions and the way I’ve been thinking about a difficult situation or relationship. I didn’t just want a sounding board or someone to complain to, I wanted improvement. In some cases it was a shift in perspective that got me there. Aside from being an incredibly skilled, intuitive coach, Denise has a natural ability to connect and ask questions in such a way that makes me go ‘huh … I bet I could go about this a little differently to get a better result.’ ”
Tania Zeigler, Director, Digital Planning