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How Not to Play The Game of Life

Call Me Humbug This past holiday week, my daughter pleaded with me to play the board game “Life”. I tried to convince her to choose another activity but she persisted, asking why I didn’t want to play. I explained that I don’t like the game because it offers me no autonomy and freedom of choice. […]

Life Purpose in Three Steps


Decoding Your Life Purpose A client recently told me that he must have read five books about life purpose…and that he still didn’t know what his was. Too many of us experience existential angst trying to discover our life purpose. I used to think that purpose had to have a job title. But that kind […]

The True Source of Pain

A few Fridays ago, I was walking my dog and talking on the phone with a friend, when suddenly a bug flew into my mouth and down my throat. Beyond surprising and gross, it was painful. And the pain wouldn’t stop. The feeling that something was still in my throat persisted. I got myself back […]

Think Responsibly

If you want to look back on your day (and eventually, your life) you must acknowledge this fundamental truth about how our brain works: Our thoughts fuel emotions and actions that lead to results. While our thoughts can feel like “truths,” they are simply stories our brain tells us. We get to pick and choose […]

The One Mistake that Nearly Derailed my Goal

This weekend marked a final milestone in my book-writing goal when the print version of Work-Life Brilliance went live on Amazon. Friends of mine who have “write a book” on their bucket list, have asked me how I did it. There’s no mystery to it; I followed the process I teach my clients about achieving […]

Star Wars, Hope, and Demagogues

Here’s something you might not suspect about me. I’m a coward. Here’s a recent example. The Editor of my new book, Work-Life Brilliance, suggested I remove a paragraph about Donald Trump that demonstrated how unchecked emotions produce toxic thoughts that lead to toxic actions. She was worried the President of the United States might sue […]

Before You Re-Org Your Department, Read This

The brain likes and needs consistency, security, certainty, fairness, autonomy and trusting relationships. When these things are absent, not only do we fail to thrive, we become a little crazy in that we go into a threat state and lose reliable access to our pre-frontal cortex—our ‘smart’ brain—and are driven instead by our reptilian emotional […]

A 5 Second Method for Measuring Team Alignment

Are We Aligned? Have you ever spent an hour or more debating an idea, only to leave the meeting wondering if everyone is “on board?” Or worse, have you ever left a meeting confident that everyone agrees with your plan, only to find out later that you have dissenters whose actions undermine your success? Do […]

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