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Star Wars, Hope, and Demagogues

Here’s something you might not suspect about me. I’m a coward. Here’s a recent example. The Editor of my new book, Work-Life Brilliance, suggested I remove a paragraph about Donald Trump that demonstrated how unchecked emotions produce toxic thoughts that lead to toxic actions. She was worried the President of the United States might sue […]

Before You Re-Org Your Department, Read This

The brain likes and needs consistency, security, certainty, fairness, autonomy and trusting relationships. When these things are absent, not only do we fail to thrive, we become a little crazy in that we go into a threat state and lose reliable access to our pre-frontal cortex—our ‘smart’ brain—and are driven instead by our reptilian emotional […]

A 5 Second Method for Measuring Team Alignment

Are We Aligned? Have you ever spent an hour or more debating an idea, only to leave the meeting wondering if everyone is “on board?” Or worse, have you ever left a meeting confident that everyone agrees with your plan, only to find out later that you have dissenters whose actions undermine your success? Do […]

Others Won’t See Your Improvement Without This

Image by Absodals/Getty Images and Crown Publishing There is one aspect of my coaching process that’s non-negotiable: clients must tell their stakeholders what they’re working to improve. For some people this feels awkward. Here’s why it matters. If you don’t tell people what you’re working on, they won’t notice that you improved–no matter how hard […]

Your Freaked Out Brain Seeks SAFETY

Imagine this. You’re about to start a one-on-one meeting with an employee when you get a text message from your boss saying the Senior Vice President wants to know why you’re over budget on project x. What happens to you physically? What do you do next? Here’s what most of us don’t do. We don’t […]

Accountability Doesn’t Get Results. But This Does.

It would be really nice if you could actually “hold people accountable” and magically get the results you want. Here’s my favorite definition of accountability courtesy of Susan Scott, bestselling author of Fierce Leadership, a Bold Alternative to the Worst “Best” Practices of Business Today:   Accountability is “Clarity about whose head will roll when […]

Forget About Work Life Balance—This is Better

My clients and I don’t talk about work life balance. As you may have experienced, striving for so-called “balance” usually leads to frustration and guilt. Instead, when clients come to me complaining about a lack of balance I suggest we play a bigger game: we aim for Whole-Life Integration. My new executive clients are sometimes […]

How to Interrupt

If you think all interrupting is bad, check out my post featured on pickthebrain and learn simple tips so you can gracefully interrupt conversations and, in the process, improve your relationships, results, and reputation. http://www.pickthebrain.com/blog/interrupt/  

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