Break Stress Now

Break Stress Now

19 Tips You Can Use to Immediately Lower Your Stress.

Our contemporary lifestyles—especially if you work in an office—are unsuited to our human nature. Sitting in traffic and at a desk—constantly bombarded by email, texts, instant messages, and office politics—all create a perfect storm for stress.

Left unchecked, the best-case scenario is that we become overweight, distracted, impatient, snarky, and unproductive. Worst case is severe health problems including obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart attack.

But relief is close. You don’t have to take on a meditation practice or drop everything for a long beach vacation.

I created this guide to provide tools you can use—no matter how busy you are—to take control and instantly lower your stress so you can thrive. Choose one or two of the 19 Do’s and Don’ts and try them today.

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