Group Coaching

Group Coaching

youtube-pictureGroup coaching is a cost-effective and powerful way for companies to scale coaching to valued managers. And while clients get all the benefits from one-on-one coaching, they also gain a network of peers they can rely upon long after the official program ends. With a forum to confidentially share their successes and challenges, participants benefit from personalized coaching that they can implement in real time.

Learn why group coaching works to accelerate development from these real client success stories.

Here is some of what you can expect:

Format and Details

  • 4 – 6 participants
  • Optional 360 stakeholder survey
  • Initial half-day meeting to build trust and relationship and to identify development focus
  • Confidential group calls twice per month for 90 minutes, led by coach
  • Peer calls or meetings twice per month (partners selected in session one)
  • One call per person with lead coach
  • Closing survey to evaluate experience

Short term outcomes:

  • Each participant develops new improved behaviors on a specific development topic.

Long term outcomes:

  • Greater engagement
  • Greater self-awareness and effectiveness
  • Greater sense of connection to peers
  • Gain a network they can leverage later
  • Learn from others (gain new perspective and approaches)
  • Learn to better coach others and facilitate change

Let’s talk about how to best form a group that will achieve your retention and development goals. Email to get started. To learn more about how to select a group for best results download this:  Group Coaching Overview & Selection Criteria

In an anonymous online survey of Group Coaching Participants, here’s what they had to say about the program.

“One of the best experiences I’ve had at this company.”

“I just can’t say enough positive regarding this program. It is one of the best leadership programs I have been a part of.”

“I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to participate in this program. I have many tools I can use to continue to improve my leadership skills and the skills of my staff.”

“Fantastic experience and I am incredibly grateful and humbled to have been selected to participate.”

“Denise has a way about her that facilitates thoughtful conversation and gives everyone an opportunity to be heard in a safe environment.”

“This was an incredible experience that I really appreciate having the opportunity to experience.”

“Denise Green was fantastic! She has an engaging manner that made it easy to get excited.”

“I loved the information and having someone to talk things out. I’ve made changes that have improved my relationship with my direct manager as well as my business partners and stakeholders. I also really liked getting close to peers and the opportunity to have an ongoing relationship with them.”

“My only complaint about this program is that it ended.”

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