A few Fridays ago, I was walking my dog and talking on the phone with a friend, when suddenly a bug flew into my mouth and down my throat.

Beyond surprising and gross, it was painful. And the pain wouldn’t stop. The feeling that something was still in my throat persisted.

I got myself back to the car and to the Emergency Room.

The attending physician took a cursory look, then told me to go home—there was nothing there.

I stayed.

He warned me it was “kind of a big deal” to go in and look. I said that was fine.

A young ENT specialist came down with her equipment and 20 minutes later, found the bug, still stuck in my throat.

She commenced trying to dislodge it.

No luck.

An hour later, she brought in bigger equipment and a resident to help.

Looking at the monitor, the resident said, “That’s not a bug. That’s a bee stinger.”

After the bee buzzed around in my throat, it stung me, died, and was swallowed, leaving the stinger embedded in my throat.

The pain was incredible.

The procedure to remove it was incredibly uncomfortable.

But here’s what didn’t hurt: my thoughts.

Luckily, I’ve been practicing thought upgrades for a long time.

During the procedure I told myself, “I am right where I am supposed to be. I am in good hands. This is kind of hilarious. I’m going to have a great story. I’m so grateful to be alive and to have healthcare.”

My attempts at witty banter didn’t work so well while a scope was down my nasal passage and throat, but I laughed silently at my own jokes.

At the end of the ordeal, the attending doctor apologized for “writing me off.”  I said, “How on earth could you have known?” Then he took a picture of the monitor and said “No one will believe this story without visual proof.”

I am now, proudly, the girl with the bee in her throat.

I’m still waiting for my bee superpowers.

It’s not the situations or people in our lives that hurt us. It’s our thoughts about them.

Who or what are you resenting?

At what cost to you?

What would it feel like to drop it and find a better story?

We don’t have to be mere actors in this play that is life. We can become directors. We can re-write the script.

I would LOVE to know what hurts in your life. Please take a few short moments to respond to this quick questionnaire. Your input is vital, and will help me craft the best possible programs to create more ease and fulfillment.  In exchange for your input, I will enter you in a raffle for my favorite reading device–the Kindle Paperwhite. You might start with The Secret Life of Bees.

Here’s the link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/whathurts

With love and gratitude,

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