Are you looking for a speaker who can not only entertain and inspire your employees, but can give them practical tools they can begin using immediately to improve their lives?

Have your employees ever gone to a talk or workshop, then returned to work and back to the status quo?

Are your people too busy to take an entire day or more out of their schedules for a workshop?

Our talks are designed—and proven—to change lives for the better, in as little as two hours.

We know how to use just enough theory and science to grab attention and gain people’s trust, then offer activities and tools that are practical and easy to put to use after the workshop.

We don’t just want to inspire. We want to re-wire people with new mindsets and habits.

Our talks are designed for any size audience.

  • Boundaries for Brilliance: How to Say No With Grace, Not Guilt
  • Conversations for Brilliance
  • Influence Superpowers
  • Leading Brilliant Change
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Client Praise

“Denise’s talks have this rare combination of entertainment, engagement, and transformation. In her most recent talk about Influence, she created an environment where 200 introverted, analytical people who are suspicious of the word “influence” became true believers…connecting, laughing, telling stories, being vulnerable, and practicing new behaviors that will make them more influential. We always know that she will have the highest quality design and materials, and deliver with an ease and expertise that captures and keeps people’s attention, helping them step outside their comfort zone…and have a great time doing it.”
Tiffany Short, HR Business Partner, Kaiser Permanente, Information Technology
“Denise is an engaging and dynamic speaker who blends expertise and humor to build credibility and powerfully convey her message. If I need a speaker for a presentation or a course, she’s my first choice.”
Risë Venditti, Sr. Learning Consultant, Advocate Health Care

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